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National Brand - (INOU & INPPRF Prestigious Award)

    The International Non-Olympic University - INOU is the "World 1st Mega University" The INOU’s new endeavour have been appreciated by the leaders of the world, The H.E. Secretary General-United Nations (UN), H.E. The Secretary General-Organization of Islamic Cooperation-OIC, The H.E. President-European Council-EU, H.E. President of Ireland, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Norway, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Singapore etc., several leaders have sent best wishes for grand Success of new educational approach to the new World. Can view few comments; (ClickHere) . The International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC, (The World second largest sports body after "Olympic"), has approved joint award program, which was forwarded by INOC's own organs i.e. International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF (ClickHere) and International Non-Olympic University- INOU (ClickHere) has jointly created an unique (3) three category of awards to identify, recognize, facilitate and issue certificate etc., to those who are eligible for these categories of awards as below ;

    (1)  National Brand  "Star Companies" (Award for all Star Companies).
    Download Category
    (2)  National Brand (Royal Legend) "Star Companies" (Award for Royal Family Member Only). Download Category
    (3)  National Brand "Individual/Personal Branding" (Award for Individual Person Only). Download Category

    National Brand would be awarded to the companies and individuals that goes beyond and committed to outstanding innovation, leadership, excellence and personal branding in his/her field.

    News Clippings of Previous National Brand Awards. 

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    1. Dubai Municiplaity, Govt of Dubai, UAE. Click to View - (1) (2) (3)
    1. Dubai Custom, Govt of Dubai, UAE. Click to View - (1) (2) (3) (4)
    1. AlEtihad Newspaper, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Click to View - (1) (2)

    Who is Eligible for an Award??

    To be considered eligible for an award, it is necessary to be nominated in writing by a person competent to make such a nomination. (Nominators for the National Brand Award')

    National Brand Awardee has to Sponsor an Orphanage Project

    According to the rules, the National Brand Awardee has to Sponsor " Free Teaching, and Certification for Orphanage Students", amongst the following four category of sponsorship propsoals Project-A, Project-B, Project-C and Project-D, The National Brand Awardee can choose any of these four projects. The large corporate must choose project-A or project-B, the Medium scale companies can choose Project-C or Project-D, The Nominator must fill the selected project in the nomination application form. The purpose of encouraging the Star Companies, and Royal Legend to support the down trodden peoples of the society around the world.

    Confidential Nominations

    According to the Statutes of the International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF & International Non-Olympic University-INOU, information about the nominations is not to be disclosed, publicly or privately, without having written permission. The restriction not only concerns the nominees and nominators, but also investigations and opinions in the awarding of a prize.


    The International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum's directors starts its preparatory work on month would be decided by director and submit the ensuing recommendations in the early autumn of the same year to the director general and then joint (awarding body) which have the sole right to decide. The award must be made not later than November 15; the decisions are final and without appeal. The deliberations as well as the votes are kept secret. Only the results are made public.

    For Nomination :-
    1. Please download INOU & INPPRF National Brand Award Nomination Application Form : Click Here

    Interested personalities can send (he/she) their CV to Vice-Chancellor – International Non-Olympic University –INOU on the following e-mail : [email protected]  . or Address :  3/106, 1st Floor, Vivek Khand-3, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (UP), India. Tel : +91-522-2303663, 2303664, Fax : +91-522-2397710  or UAE Office : H.E. Dr. Akram Sabry - INOU National Brand Ambassador for South Africa & Middle East, Tel: 00971 2 674 9199 Fax: 00971 2 674 9198.

     National Brand Awardees (INOU & INPPRF)

2015 - INOU & INPPRF National Brand Awardees
PhotoName of Awardees & Country Year of Award and "Tittle Level" Position Held
2014 - INOU & INPPRF National Brand Awardees
PhotoName of Awardees & Country Year of Award and "Tittle Level" Position Held

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