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Procedure for Online Examination

The France Non-Olympic Online University of International Non-Olympic University (INOU) is making online examination process sufficient to all the students that can surpass the interactivity of a traditional classroom.

Online Examination Procedure:-

  • Student can give the examination as per their convenience in March, June, September and December as exams are carried on quarterly basis.
  • Examination flexibility is provided to the student as can decide on for all subjects in 1 Quarter and can give the remaining subjects in next quarter.
  • Students need to successfully complete first year exam and then can opt for second year exam.
  • Check for the Exam Date and Time on our Website
  • On registering for the online examination, France Non-Olympic Online University will communicate your Login ID and password via email.
  • Select the location of your computer workstation for the examination, which can either be any of France Non-Olympic Online University Exam Centre or cyber cafe or Home ( Cyber cafe and Home option only for those students who are their into remote areas where France Non-Olympic Online University Exam Centre is not there.)
  • On the Exam day log on to our website
  • Enter the Login Id and Password assigned to the student
  • You also have an option to appear for a 20 minute mock test before attempting the paper.
  • Please ensure that your Computer has 3 hours of uninterrupted connectivity of Power and Internet Services, as in case of power failure the student will have to re- appear for the exam in the following quarters on the scheduled date and time.
  • The question paper will appear on the screen at the scheduled time. The duration of examination will be one hours unless otherwise specified.
  • The Examination would be of multiple choice questions or descriptive type and you have to click the correct answer or write the correct answer.
  • Each question will remain on screen for 1 minute or 15 minutes, if you answer or skip the question before 1 minute or 15 minutes, the next question will immediately appear on the screen.
  • In any case, the next question will appear after 1 minute or 15 minutes.
  • After you complete the examination and click on "Submit" button.
  • The results will be announced in the website ( after one week from the examination.

Successful Candidates will receive their mark sheets duly stamped, within 10 working days from the results announcement.

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