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Mr. Junaid Ahmed,

Maulana Junaid Ahmed, hailing from Banaras is an eminent and revered member of various social organizations and Islamic bodies having a history of recognitions and affiliations. Maulana happens to be an active member of the following bodies which have been constantly recognizing his valuable efforts and association.
He is Executive Member of World Council For Regular and Distance Education-WCRDE, and he holds the chair of President of Maulana Azad Academy, New Delhi.
Chairman, Madrasa Darul Uloom Imdadia and Rightway Educational & Welfare Trust, Mumbai
He is the working National President of All India Momin Conference and National President of Markazi Jamat E- Ulama E- Hind, headquartered in New Delhi. National Patron of All India Momin Ansar Welfare Society-AIMAWS
Maulana Junaid also has had the privilege to be the Imaam Eid-ain of the Shahi Jama Masjid, Gyanvapi,Varanasi. He also acts as the Spokesperson to the Anjuman Intezamia Masajid, includinh the Shahi Jama Masjid, Gyanvapi, Varanasi.
Long since1984 to 2002 Junaid Sahab has been delivering religious speeches which were broadcasted on AIR. So much so that many of his lectures have been aired at an international level, on BBC, London.
Having a strong view point for the upliftment of the Indian Muslim Backward classes and incessant efforts to unite these varied sections of the community for their betterment has been a driving force for him. It is to this that Maulana Junaid has accredited various felicitations and been revered across all sections of the society on a national as well as international level.


Professor Mohammed Seraj ANSARI,

Professor Mohammed Seraj ANSARI has a distinguished career in India; His areas of specialization include sport ethics, sport law, and the sociology of sport. He has authored numerous scholarly articles on various sport management topics and is a regular presenter at several major international conferences in the sports field.
Professor Mohammed Seraj ANSARI has authored and co-authored many books. He is an Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Management and Science and Non-Olympic Times. Furthermore Professor ANSARI is a much sought-after international speaker on the Sports Management and Physical Education. He was the Keynote speaker at the 1st International Congress on Sports Karate, the 5th World Congress of Super Cricket and the 1st World Congress of Management and Science in India along with this he also explores the downside of sports as big business and he too undertakes many international business companies that has good infrastructure an extensive global network in all over the world. He is also a Founder & President-International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC ( & President-International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF ( and good relation with world sports leaders and also with governments, public institutions and corporations, and private individuals on a worldwide basis. Professor ANSARI has maintained a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is very well-informed about current trends in globalization and major issues of the world.
Key research
• Sport Management and Sciences aspects of performance enhancement.
Educational  Career :
1. President-World Council For Regular And Distance Education-WCRDE
Social Career :
1. International Member (Elected) AMNESTY INTERANTIONAL-LONDON-UK.
3. Chairman-Indian Textiles & Handicraft Exports Promotion Organization (ITHEPO)
4. President-Indian Momin Ansar Weavers Council
Sports Career :
6. President-Indian Super-Cricket Federation (ISCF)
Print Media :
1. Editor-In-Chief - The Non-Olympic Times
2. Editor-In-Chief - Journal of Management and Science
Business Involvement:
1. Chairman & Managing Director –ISE Cards India Ltd.
2. CEO-Meraj Distributors-MD (Exports and Imports Company)
3. Director –Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd
4. Managing Director -Buktel Communications Pvt. Ltd
Honours and Awards:-
1. Award : Prakrati Ratna Award-2004
2. Acharya Vishnugupt “Charakkaya” Manavadhikar Award-2006
3. International Who's Who Historical Society (Top Professional of the World) Award-2007-2008

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Ms. Ummi Khanam,

Ummi Khanam is MCA (Master Computer Application), she is Secretary General of International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum - INPPRF,  National Secretary General of Floorball Federation of India-FFI, and Chairperson of ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC, she has spend enormous contribution in sports administration nationally as well as internationally too, she is Director of International Student Exchange Cards India Limited, department of human Resource Development. She has visions to do the best in her life, in the fields of Sports and Education, she is also Director General of World Council for Regular & Distance Education - WCRDE.


Mr. Thiyagu Nagaraj, M.Com (IB)., (M.B.A).,(Ph.D.),

Thiyagu Nagaraj, M.Com (IB)., (M.B.A).,(Ph.D.) is one of the nation's leading experts in sports and he also have research knowledge which is covered in the aspects of management, marketing and sports. He is also Assistant Secretary of the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC) and Director General for International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF. Furthermore he also published research paper in reputed international and national journals.
Sports Career :
1. Assistant Secretary-International Non-Olympic Committee(INOC)
2. General Secretary-International Super-Cricket Committee(ISCC)
3. General Secretary - World Sports Karate Federation(WSKF)
4. Secretary General- Association of Sports Karate India(ASKI)
5. National Secretary-Floorball Federation of India(FFI)
6. National Secretary -Indian Super-Cricket Federation (ISCF)
7. National Director Chief Instructor- Ogasawara-Ha Shorinji-Ryu Karate(JAPAN)
8. International Member - International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association and World Seishin Budo Organization-Great Britain
9. Representative and Member - Martial Arts Olympic Organization-Iran
10. Ambassador - Martial Arts Association International-Germany
Print Media :
1. Publisher and Chief Reporter - The Non-Olympic Times

Finance Officer

Mr. Mohammad Sarfaraz ANSARI,

Mr. Mohammed Sarfaraz ANSARI has had a distinguished career at Lucknow, India an international business companies that has good infrastructure an extensive network. As a Founder Secretary General of Indian Super-Cricket Federation-ISCF and good relation with sports leaders and also with governments, public institutions and corporations, and private individuals, Mr. ANSARI has maintained a wide-ranging personal network of contacts and is very well informed about current trends in globalization and major issues on the World Sports, Social, Politics, Human Rights etc.
Mr. ANSARI is Executive Member of World Council For Regular & Distance Education-WCRDE, Former Secretary General of Woodball Federation of India He is Director of International Student Exchange Cards India Limited, department of finance. And Director, Meraj Realty & Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Controller of Examinations

Ms. Anubha Rastogi,

Ms. Anubha Rastogi is a skilled young professional with integrity, committed to quality and excellence. She has background of business & management. After completing her BBA with specialization in Economics, she is pursuing MBA to get deeper knowledge of management facts and sharpen her skills to tackle with any situation in this competitive era of business world. Besides her academic education she is actively involved in the following activities.
1. Senior Home Nursing Certificate of St. John Ambulance.
2. Senior and Voucher Certificate of First Aid from St. John Ambulance.
3. First Aid Certificate from Civil Defense, Lucknow.
4. Training of Trainers Certificate of UEVRP (GoI-UNDP, DRM PROGRAM)
5. DCA from Rashtriya Saksharta Mission.
6. Certificate of Computer Fundamentals, MS-Office, Internet and Soft Skills from NCVT.
7. Civil Defense advance Warden Service Certificate from Central Civil Defense Training Institute, Lucknow.
8. Certificate of successful participation in Capacity Building Program for Disaster Management from SDMA, Lucknow.

CEO and Director

Rakesh Jain

Rakesh Jain, In every walk of life I treated customer and its values on the top – let it be internal or external customer. I accepted the challenges of my organization, team and customers by leading, creating professional benchmarks. My dictum is “GIVE YOUR 200 % with 100% ACCURACY and “NEVER SAY NO ‘’ attitude has given me front seats brought laurels anywhere.

*My major tenure has been in BHEL (MAHARATNA CO, A global engineering enterprise providing solutions for a better tomorrow)
- successfully carved a niche and established new Business Set up ( SPARES AND SERVICES BUSINESS GROUP _ SSBG LUCKNOW) in one of biggest State of India namely U.P.

- formulating ; launching change strategies, policy implementation processes and systems by way of INTERNAL AUDIT MANUAL, growth of BHEL Education Society ( CBSE INSTITUTE OF MORE THAN 1200 STUDENTS)as SECRETARY , technology-cum-business alliances, Export Business, Business initiatives at unit and Division level over two decades.

*More than years in Power /Transmission sector business in different capacities and responsibilities like Marketing, Tendering, Project management which includes Project Planning Project Execution, Heading Marketing Center, Commercial Management, Internal Auditing, Maintenance of Sub Stations, Export Business, Managing BHEL Education Society, Preparation of MIRs , ISO Coordination to name a few ;with an expertise in Commercial Project Management (14 RM Projects both Thermal and Hydro handled).

Major Key Achievements :
Minimum 10% growth in Order Booking on each year basis raising from 170 Cr to 250 Cr (more than 100% target) in last three years
- Contributing almost 200 Cr + level (almost 200% of target) each year as cash collected from different Customers in BHEL kitty.
- Enhancing business by way of Rate Contract basis.
- Standardization of Terms and Conditions with various utilities.
- Successful Commissioning of 200 MW Thermal Set after RM.
- Successful Commissioning of 50 MW Hydro Set after RM.
- imely execution of Export Orders to Countries like Greece, Jordon, Malaysia etc.
- Excellent Customer relations.
- Enormous capacity of handling RM Projects (presently handling 14 Projects)
- Preparation and publication of BHEL Audit Manual.
- Managing CBSE College having more than 1200 Students with 70 Teachers for consecutive 3 years.
- Balance Sheet Auditing and finalization in consultation with External Auditors for 3 Years of BHEL Jhansi Plant.
*Few Strategies adopted for achievement:
- Analysis of each requirement of Customer
- Analyzing market prices and demand and then quote for better business opportunity
- Effective follow-up for execution / Project Management of R&M Jobs.
- Achieving bulk business by way of Customer education at their utilities
- To look after Customer problems on top most priority.
- Making systems and following automation.
* After superannuation from BHEL as General Manager presently looking after Special Projects of M/s Baldota Control and Equipments as DIRECTOR.
* Apart from technical expertise great interest in Academics visible as - Part time Guest Faculty in Ansal Management Institute Lucknow.
-Evening Classes - Faculty Member of UP TOURISM (GOVT. OF U.P.) _ BBA CLASSES - Faculty Member in Jhansi Chapter of Cost accountants

       Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
       Annamalai University, Chennai, India (1996) In Ist Division

       Masters of Arts ---- Economics
       Kanpur University, Kanpur, India (1982) In Ist Division

       Bachelor of Engineering - Electrical
       IIT-Roorkee , India (1974) - In Ist Division with Hons. * Professional Experience in detail

- Present Organization:
Baldota Control Equipments as DIRECTOR SPECIAL PROJECTS (April-2013-Till date) - Organization: BHEL SSBG LUCKNOW Superannuated as GENERAL MANAGER (JAN. 2007 –Jan 2013)
- Organization: BHEL ROD LUCKNOW as Dy. GENERAL MANAGER (July 2005 –Nov.2006)
- Organization:BHEL Jhansi as Manager to Sr. Dy. General Manager (Aug. 1991 -- July 2005)
- Organization: BHEL Patna as Manager (Jun 1990 – Aug. 1991)
- Organization: BHEL ROD Lucknow as Manager (Feb. 1977 – Nov.1978. And Nov.1979 -- Jun 1990)
- Organization: Ministry of Electricity Libya as Expert. (Nov.1978 – Nov.1979)
- Organization: BHEL Haridwar as Engineer to Manager (Aug.1975–Feb.1977)
- Organization: UPSEB as Trainee (Jan. 1975-July 1975 )

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